Urbanisation to discrimination: Water poverty, to women’s pay

More of my journalism and blogging pieces have been published in the last few weeks and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Seeing Red on Equal Pay DayCCadVNhUwAERWng

Summary: Figures forecast it will take US women an average of 43 years to achieve pay parity with men, with some waiting until 2159: Get angry, to get even.
Published on: ‘Let’s Do More’ for Gap Inc (10 Apr, 2015)

Technology Tackles Drought and UrbanizationIMG_0965

Summary: What the tale of two cities – São Paulo in rainforest-rich Brazil and Tehran in the deserts of Iran – tells us about urbanisation and water scarcity, plus how technology might help.

Published on: ‘Let’s Do More’ for Gap Inc (12 Mar, 2015)

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