Construction and cities: Inclusivity, collaboration and ethics

More of my journalism and blogging pieces have been published in the last few weeks and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Constructing an Industry for the 21st CenturyIMG_1161

Summary: The construction industry is replenishing the UK’s housing stock, building new infrastructure and helping restore the economy, but challenges remain if it is to attract and retain a forward-looking workforce, with inclusivity and collaboration watchwords for the future.
Published in: ‘Future of Construction’ Special Report, ‘The Sunday Times’ (14 Jun, 2015)

Supply Chain Collaboration is a Must-HaveIMG_1162

Summary: Improved management and performance of supply chains are central to the growth and prosperity of the UK construction sector in a period of expansion, with ethical sourcing an emerging trend.
Published in: ‘Future of Construction’ Special Report, ‘The Sunday Times’ (14 Jun, 2015)

Dare to Dream…IMG_1050

Summary: Envisioning cities of tomorrow, what if people were invited almost to forget the parameters of the present and really use their imagination? What would their ‘dreamscapes’ tell us about expectations for future urban lifestyles?

Published on: ‘Illuminated Minds’, for GE Lighting (5 May, 2015)

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