‘Public Sector Technology’ in The Times

pstNew writing… Pleased to say I have had another piece published in The Times newspaper, as part of a special report on Public Sector Technology by Raconteur. It looks at the emergence of Bristol as a leading advocate and achiever in smart city thinking and doing, tacking challenges and pioneering solutions:

‘Why Bristol’s a city of the future’.

There is also a short footnote box-out (please scroll down) on smart traffic management in the city where cycles outnumber cars – ‘Copenhagen’s Intelligent Infrastucture’.

The full 16-page Public Sector Technology report is available to view/download here.

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‘Future of Water’ in The Times

water-smallNew writing… Pleased to say I have had a couple of pieces – the opening Overview and centrespread article – published in The Times newspaper by Raconteur, exploring water issues and innovation worldwide, from scarcity, security and stress, through to resilience and sustainability:

 ‘Why water politics matters’;

‘Worldwide water crisis is looming’.

The full 16-page Future of Water report is available to view/download here.

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Living Architecture: Smart Bricks and Bioreactors

New writing My latest piece for Eniday is now live, exploring a radical, innovative collaboration between industry and academia to create ‘smart’ bricks, which can recycle wastewater and generate electricity. As elements in ‘bioreactor walls’, each brick will contain a microbial fuel cell, filled with programmable synthetic microorganisms, putting good bugs to work in buildings. This reinvention of the humble construction component promises to unlock the potential of ‘Smart Bricks and Bioreactors’.

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Sri Lanka: Tourist Island Rebuilds with Biogas

New writing My piece for Eniday is now live, looking at an inspirational programme in Sri Lanka aiming to bring biogas to 1,000 hotels and households by the end of 2016. What makes it particularly unusual is that this project is being spearheaded (as part of the EU SWITCH-Asia initiative) not by an energy company, but People in Need (PIN), a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, supporting the local communities and businesses in their sustainability drive to see this ‘Tourist Island Rebuilds with Biogas’.

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Clean and Green: The Energy of Choice

unnamedNew writing… My piece for Real Views is now live, looking at why the business case for clean and green energy is making more and more sense for corporate-investor and real-estate portfolios alike, plus how tech is leading the way. As renewables break all records worldwide for generation, the article touches upon the push-and-pull of post-Paris politics and how sustainability plays out in a talent market of Millennials. With links, stats and studies, read what makes ‘Clean and green: The energy of choice’.

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