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Rank Player Klout Change


Greenpeace Profile Image Greenpeace
We're an independent global campaigning organisation acting to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect the environment and promote peace.
92 0.4


Al Gore Profile Image Al Gore
91 0.2


Energy Department Profile Image Energy Department
Building the new energy economy. Reducing nuclear dangers & environmental risks. Expanding the frontiers of knowledge via innovative scientific research.
90 -0.1


Leonardo DiCaprio Profile Image Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor and Environmentalist
89 0.1


Elon Musk Profile Image Elon Musk
Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI & Neuralink
88 0.2


Siemens_Energy Profile Image Siemens_Energy
We answer the challenges of a sustainable energy system with innovative products, solutions, services, and global energy market expertise.
88 22.9


Naomi   Klein Profile Image Naomi Klein
they say I'm polarizing
87 0.4


Mark Ruffalo Profile Image Mark Ruffalo
I'm a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future for all of us.
87 0.1


Environment Agency Profile Image Environment Agency
It's our job to look after your environment and create better places for people and wildlife.
86 -0.0


Friends Of The   Earth Profile Image Friends Of The Earth
We see the wellbeing of people and planet as one and the same. This inspires our campaigns on climate, energy, wildlife and living within the planet’s limits.
86 -0.2


Tesla Motors Profile Image Tesla Motors
Electric cars, giant batteries and solar
86 -0.1


Ségolène Royal Profile Image Ségolène Royal
Présidente de la #COP21 : la justice climatique, une idée dont l'heure est venue, agissons. Climate justice, an idea whose time has come, let's take action.
85 -0.1


Bill McKibben Profile Image Bill McKibben
Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of
84 -0.1


Climate Reality Profile Image Climate Reality
Founded by @algore, we’re bringing the world together to stop climate change and create a healthy and prosperous future powered by clean energy.
84 -0.0

(14) Profile Image
The official Twitter account for Eni news stories, latest company announcements & financial results. More topics: @Eniday, @AboutOil, @Enjoy
83 -0.1


EDF Energy Profile Image EDF Energy
We're EDF Energy the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. For customer service head to @edfenergycs. Please do not tweet personal details
83 -0.1


IRENA Profile Image IRENA
The International Renewable Energy Agency is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future.
83 0.0


Daryl Hannah Profile Image Daryl Hannah
love life xo dh
82 -0.1


EnergySvgTrust Profile Image EnergySvgTrust
We help people and organisations save energy with expert impartial advice. Contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or
82 -0.1


Greentechmedia Profile Image Greentechmedia
The leading information services provider on the global energy transformation:
82 0.2


Líderes en soluciones sostenibles de infraestructuras y proyectos de energía renovable en todo el mundo. #Sostenibilidad #Innovación
81 -0.2


Scottishpower Profile Image Scottishpower
We're part of the #Iberdrola Group, a global #energy company & world leader in wind energy. For customer service @SP_EnergyPeople or power cuts @SPEnergyNetwork
81 -0.0


AREVA U.S. Profile Image AREVA U.S.
Official U.S. account. Sustaining, enhancing world’s largest nuclear energy fleet for low carbon electricity. Secure used fuel mgmt. Next-gen innovations.
80 -0.0


Assaad Razzouk Profile Image Assaad Razzouk
CEO: @Sindicatum; Board Member: @CMIANews; Contributor: @HuffPostUK; and commentator on #Climate and #CleanEnergy from the front lines
80 0.2


Pembina Institute Profile Image Pembina Institute
The Pembina Institute is a non-profit think-tank that advocates for strong, effective policies to support Canada's clean energy transition.
80 -0.2


Sunpower Profile Image Sunpower
SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers the planet's most powerful solar technology broadly available today.
80 -0.2


WPD Profile Image WPD
Western Power Distribution is the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and Wales.
80 0.1


ClimateCentral Profile Image ClimateCentral
An independent, non-profit, non-advocacy research and journalism organization dedicated to helping Americans understand how climate change connects to them.
80 0.1


Stevewestly Profile Image Stevewestly
Controversially progressive. Former California State Controller. Founder of The Westly Group. Part-time Soccer Coach.
79 -0.1


NextGen America Profile Image NextGen America
NextGen America acts to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the fundamental rights of every American. Learn more:
79 0.0


Eric Holthaus Profile Image Eric Holthaus
Meteorologist | Contributing writer @grist | Kansas native | #ActuallyAutistic | Host of @ourwarmregards | Say hi: eholthaus at grist dot org
79 -0.1


SSE Profile Image SSE
SSE is a leading UK & Ireland energy company. This is our corporate Twitter channel, for customer service tweet @YourSSE & network issues tweet @ssencommunity.
79 0.1


ENGIE Profile Image ENGIE
Compte officiel d'ENGIE - Leader mondial de l'#énergie / Official twitter account of ENGIE
79 -0.1


NRG Energy, Inc. Profile Image NRG Energy, Inc.
A Fortune 500, NRG is the leading integrated power company in the United States.
79 -0.3


Michael Mann Profile Image Michael Mann
Climate Scientist, Professor & Director of the Penn State ESSC; Author of Dire Predictions, The Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars, and The Madhouse Effect
79 -0.1


Official twitter account of the United Nations climate change secretariat. Also in French (@CCNUCC), Spanish (@CMNUCC) & German (@UNKlima). Instagram: @UNFCCC.
78 -0.0


Beyond Coal Profile Image Beyond Coal
The Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign aims to move our economy toward a clean energy future by stopping new coal-fired plants and phasing out existing plants.
77 -0.4


Oneworld_news Profile Image Oneworld_news
OneWorld News brings you climate, human rights and international development stories neglected by mainstream media. OneWorld News is a product of @OneWorldUK.
77 -0.0


Gregory Barker Profile Image Gregory Barker
Former Minister for Energy & Climate Change, now member of House of Lords
77 0.0


Neste Profile Image Neste
Creating innovative and renewable products and solutions for today and for tomorrow. Working towards a cleaner future for people, society and the environment.
76 -0.1


Phil Radford Profile Image Phil Radford
clean energy + environmental + democracy leader | former greenpeace ceo | solar + electric car lover | poker player | Book Phil as a speaker - 800.225.4575
76 -0.1


Sindicatum Profile Image Sindicatum
Passionately helping to build a healthier world and to fight climate change by building solar, wind and waste-to-energy projects in Asia. CEO: @AssaadRazzouk
75 -0.3


Solarimpulse Profile Image Solarimpulse
Two pioneers flying around the world with a solar airplane to promote clean technologies #futureisclean ! @bertrandpiccard @andreborschberg
74 -0.2


Mike   Hudema Profile Image Mike Hudema
#Greenpeace Canada #Climate and #Energy Campaigner focusing on #tarsands, #greenjobs & #solar. Time to #go100re. Loves #Alberta, brunch, and wine!
74 -3.5


Friends Of The Earth Profile Image Friends Of The Earth
Friends of the Earth U.S. defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.
74 -0.0


Concerned Scientists Profile Image Concerned Scientists
The Union of Concerned Scientists puts rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planet's most pressing problems. I'm Carmen — I handle social media.
73 0.5


EcoWatch Profile Image EcoWatch
EcoWatch is the nation's leading environmental news site. We are leading the charge in using online news to drive fundamental change.
73 0.1


CECHR Profile Image CECHR
Centre for Environmental Change & Human Resilience: Main themes: Food Water Energy Health Sustainability Ecology Environmental Economic & Social Well-being
73 -0.6


Stollmeyereu Profile Image Stollmeyereu
Communications Director @WPLGlobalForum & #DigitalAdvocacy Strategist @StollmeyerEU | News & Views on #EU
72 -0.1


David Roberts Profile Image David Roberts
Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor.
72 -1.1


InsideClimate News Profile Image InsideClimate News
InsideClimate News is a Pulitzer-winning non-profit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and climate science.
71 -0.5


Climate Progress Profile Image Climate Progress
Providing the progressive perspective on climate science, climate solutions, and climate politics. Tweets by @patrick_speaks.
71 0.0


Peter Gleick Profile Image Peter Gleick
Climate/water/sustainability; member US National Academy of Science; MacArthur Fellow; Co-founder, President-emeritus Pacific Institute. Tweets are my own.
71 1.5


Climatehawk1 Profile Image Climatehawk1
Climate hawk. Tweets all #climate, all the time. Opinions mine, RTs & follows not endorsements. #globalwarming #ActOnClimate
71 -0.3


Alexander Verbeek Profile Image Alexander Verbeek
Institute for Planetary Security | Diplomat | SEI | SIWI | Yale World Fellow | Public Speaker | Photographer | Energy-Water-Food | resist |Climate change
71 -0.4


The Climate Group Profile Image The Climate Group
Daily low carbon economy news, facts, live events & #ClimateTV leader interviews. Follow #CWNYC #RE100 #EP100 #Under2Coalition and #StatesandRegions
71 -0.2


WMO | OMM Profile Image WMO | OMM
The World Meteorological Organization is the U.N.'s authoritative voice on weather, climate and water. Instagram: wmo_omm
70 -0.3


Svein Veitdal Profile Image Svein Veitdal
Tweeting Climate Change news. Climate lecturer: science, policy, solutions. Director Klima 2020, former UN Director. For contact use
70 -0.2


Paul   Beckwith Profile Image Paul Beckwith
Climatologist & part-time professor, University of Ottawa, Physicist (M. Sc. Laser Optics, B.Eng. Engineering Physics), interested in renewable energy and chess
70 -0.3


Tom Steyer Profile Image Tom Steyer
California business leader. Philanthropist. Advanced energy advocate. Tartan tie enthusiast.
69 -0.2


Captain Ketan   Joshi Profile Image Captain Ketan Joshi
Clean tech comms/data analysis consultant. Science/tech/culture writer. Chart of the day: #cotdkj. Expect dog content.
69 0.3


NASA Climate Profile Image NASA Climate
Rocket science isn't enough; we're climate scientists, too. Find us at RTs, links & follows are not endorsements.
69 -1.3


ClimateKIC Profile Image ClimateKIC
Largest public-private climate change partnership and main EU initiative building a low carbon economy through education, entrepreneurship & innovation - @EITeu
69 -0.2


NYT DotEarth Profile Image NYT DotEarth
The New York Times newsroom team covering climate & the environment. Tweets by @jswatz & team. Photo by @joshhaner. Get our newsletter:
69 -0.9


Solar Industry Profile Image Solar Industry
Trade association for U.S. #solar power industry. Co-sponsor of @SPIConvention and other Solar Power Events. Building a strong solar industry to power America.
69 0.1


Katharine Hayhoe Profile Image Katharine Hayhoe
Not suspicious, just Canadian. Climate scientist, @TTUCSC director, polisci prof, knitter, pastor's wife, mom. TIME+ForeignPolicy100. First in line for cloning.
69 -0.8


Andy Revkin Profile Image Andy Revkin
Pursuing progress on a finite, fast-forward planet at @propublica.The rest? Family, friends, hikes, books, songs
68 0.0


Ecotricity Profile Image Ecotricity
Ecotricity is an energy company with a difference - we're dedicated to changing the way energy is made. We turn our customers' bills into mills.
68 -1.2


Amy Harder Profile Image Amy Harder
I cover energy and climate change @axios & write a regular column, Harder Line. Reach me at Prior: WSJ, National Journal.
68 0.4


BloombergNEF Profile Image BloombergNEF
Bloomberg New Energy Finance provides unique analysis, tools and data for decision makers driving change in the energy system.
68 -0.3


Climate Nexus Profile Image Climate Nexus
Changing the conversation on climate change. Providing you with a daily update on all things climate:
68 -0.0


Good Energy Profile Image Good Energy
Switch to Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity and Green Gas to help build a greener future.
68 -0.5


Ceres Profile Image Ceres
Sustainability nonprofit organization working with the most influential investors and companies to build leadership and drive solutions throughout the economy.
68 -0.2


Allan   Margolin Profile Image Allan Margolin
Husband, Dad. Creator of I ♥ Climate Scientists, Climate Nexus Hot News. Former EDF Media Dir. & ABC Political Prod. AOMO. RT's ≠ endorsements
68 -0.4


Gavin Schmidt Profile Image Gavin Schmidt
Climate scientist, occasional juggler, even more occasional author, curious about how the world works.
67 4.3


World Bank Climate Profile Image World Bank Climate
Sharing ideas, news and research on climate change and disaster risk management from the World Bank Group
67 -0.4


Kees Van Der Leun Profile Image Kees Van Der Leun
31 years for sustainable energy @Ecofys, and now @NavigantEnergy. 100% renewable energy globally by 2050 is possible! RT≠endorsement Views=own
67 -0.6


Sustainia Profile Image Sustainia
Sustainia makes sustainability tangible & easier to grasp by sharing cross sector solutions that can be used today! #GOexplorer #Cities100 #100solutions
67 -0.8


Arik Ring Profile Image Arik Ring
Arik Ring M.Sc. Expert Consultant. #Solar & #Cleantech Innovation, Power Plants & Systems. Energy Solutions for the 21st Century @arikring Twitter/Instagram
67 0.1


Pablo Rodas-Martini Profile Image Pablo Rodas-Martini
President of Gliese Foundation. Passionate about climate change. PhD/MSc in Economics, University of London. Historian, poet & art lover. FIDE Chess Master.
67 -0.5


CleanTechnica Profile Image CleanTechnica
World's #1 cleantech & clean energy website. Solar energy, wind energy, electric vehicles, & more. For tweeting commentary, see site director @zshahan3
67 -0.4


Christiana Figueres Profile Image Christiana Figueres
Bending the GHG curve by 2020. Necessary, desirable and achievable
66 -0.8


EU   Environment Profile Image EU Environment
Official account of the Directorate-General for Environment (ENV), European Commission. RT, quotes from 3rd parties and links are not endorsements.
66 0.7


Climate Council Profile Image Climate Council
Providing Australians with a reliable source of information on climate science, headed by Chief Councillor Tim Flannery. Retweet does not mean endorsement.
66 0.4


Jesse Jenkins Profile Image Jesse Jenkins
Energy Ronin. @MITIDSS PhD candidate & researcher at @MITEnergy. Independent writer and consultant. Credible source.
66 0.0


We Mean Business Profile Image We Mean Business
A coalition of organizations working with influential global businesses & investors, taking bold climate action & calling for ambitious policy. #WeMeanIt
66 -0.4


Climate Desk Profile Image Climate Desk
A journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact—human, environmental, economic, political—of a changing climate.
66 -0.1


Tom Raftery Profile Image Tom Raftery
Global VP, Futurist, & #IoT Evangelist @SAP, Keynote speaker, Co-founder @CloudCIX, Host podcast, Global #IoT influencer, Immigrant
66 0.3


Professor Ray   Wills Profile Image Professor Ray Wills
Top100 in Global Sustainability; polymath, futurist, speaker: biz, blue economy, cleantech, cities, energy, EVs, new tech, sustainability, climate; AdjProf UWA
66 -0.4


Earth Hour Profile Image Earth Hour
Join us for Earth Hour 2018 on 24 March 8:30 p.m. and together let us shine a light on climate action -
66 -0.3


Bob Inglis Profile Image Bob Inglis
Energy Optimist. Climate Realist. Founder of U.S. Rep. (R-SC4 1993-1999; 2005-2011) Tweeting his own views here.
66 -0.7


Citizensclimate Profile Image Citizensclimate
Citizens' Climate Lobby: Political Will for a Livable World. Our solution:
66 -0.3


Ipcc_ch Profile Image Ipcc_ch
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. RT ≠ endorsement
66 1.3


Jim Mcclelland Profile Image Jim Mcclelland
Sustainable Futurist & Media Entrepreneur
66 -0.1


Laurence Kemball-Cook Profile Image Laurence Kemball-Cook
5 x TED speaker/ Founder + CEO of @pavegen, innovation fellow at @lborouniversity. Ironman /Triathlete/ cyclist with focus on smart cities/ energy. London.
66 0.3


CDP Profile Image CDP
We run the global environmental disclosure system for business & subnational governments. Voted #1 for climate research by investors. Founding member @WMBtweets
66 -0.4


Carbon Brief Profile Image Carbon Brief
Award-winning website dedicated to analysis and fact-checking of energy policy and climate change science, with a focus on the UK.
65 0.2


Kevin Holland Profile Image Kevin Holland
Independent Renewable Energy Specialst. Solar | Air Source Heating | Battery Storage | Online shop | Off Grid | Speaker #STEM | Ex Cop | S.T.A. | Influencer
65 0.1


Enedis Profile Image Enedis
#ServicePublic Gestionnaire du réseau de distribution d'électricité. @PMonloubou est président du Directoire d'#Enedis. Besoin d'aide,contactez @enedis_clients
65 -0.5


Bertrand   PICCARD Profile Image Bertrand PICCARD
Initiator, Chairman and Pilot of @solarimpulse #futureisclean | Doctor, Psychiatrist, Aviator, Explorer, Speaker
65 -0.3


John Englart Profile Image John Englart
Climate and sustainability activist, blogger, citizen journalist
65 0.1


Sasja Beslik Profile Image Sasja Beslik
Head of Sustainable Finance at @Nordea. Fighting #climatechange through investments. YGL 2011 & Order of the Seraphim. #Sustainability #Finance #Economy
65 -0.1


Bjorn Haugland Profile Image Bjorn Haugland
Chief Sustainability Officer @DNVGL Group blogger Huffpost - Business as a force for good #Purpose #Leadership, #Sustainability, #Technology, #China #Megatrends
65 -0.5


Scripps Oceanography Profile Image Scripps Oceanography
Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of the oldest, largest, and most important centers for marine science research, graduate training, and public service
65 -0.2


Carbon Tracker Profile Image Carbon Tracker
Financial specialists making climate risk visible in the financial markets. #EnergyTransition #FossilFuels #StrandedAssets #Oil #Gas #Coal #Renewables #Climate
65 0.1


Hannah Fairfield Profile Image Hannah Fairfield
Climate editor @ The New York Times. Alaskan. New Yorker. Also in D.C.
65 1.6


BusinessGreen Profile Image BusinessGreen
The UK's leading web site for green business news and analysis. Follow our team: @James_BG, @Madeleine_BG, @michaelholder
65 -0.2


Solarenergynews Profile Image Solarenergynews
Your source for solar energy news, solar energy products, solar policy and a sustainable future.
65 0.9


Mary Anne Hitt Profile Image Mary Anne Hitt
Director of Sierra Club's @BeyondCoal Campaign. Co-host climate podcast @nplhpodcast. POLITICO 50. Musician, paddler, backyard gardener, mountain mama. Go Vols.
65 -0.2


Vestas Profile Image Vestas
Global leader in #sustainable #energy solutions. Following, favourites & RTs are not endorsements.
65 -0.2


Brad Johnson Profile Image Brad Johnson
Climate hawk. ED of @ClimateHawkVote. Founder of #ClimateSilence and #DontFundEvil campaigns.
64 -0.5


NREL Profile Image NREL
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
64 -0.2


Wriclimate Profile Image Wriclimate
World Resources Institute's Climate Program. Analysis, insight and research on climate change.
64 -0.4


Yale Climate   Project Profile Image Yale Climate Project
We conduct research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy support & behavior. Posted events are not endorsements.
64 -0.1


RenewableEnergyWorld Profile Image RenewableEnergyWorld
World's #1 Renewable Energy News and Information Source
64 -0.1


Climate Home Profile Image Climate Home
The go-to site for international climate change news. Follow our editors @climatemegan and @KarlMathiesen
64 -0.1


DeSmogBlog Profile Image DeSmogBlog
Clearing the PR Pollution That Clouds Climate Science.
64 0.5


FAO Climate Change Profile Image FAO Climate Change
News and events on food security and climate change from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
64 -0.4


Christopher Fox Profile Image Christopher Fox
Husband/Dad. Advocate for sustainable development & tackling climate change. Director, International Investor Engagement at @CeresNews Tweets=mine.
64 -0.0


Simon Evans Profile Image Simon Evans
Deputy Editor + Policy Ed @CarbonBrief covering climate, energy. Son of migrants/grandson of refugees. PGP:
64 0.1


Damian Carrington Profile Image Damian Carrington
I'm Environment Editor at the Guardian
64 -0.7


Miguel Arias   Cañete Profile Image Miguel Arias Cañete
I'm the EU @EUClimateAction and @Energy4Europe Commissioner | Feed maintained by me and my team | #ParisAgreement #EnergyUnion #CleanEnergyEU
64 -0.9


FT Energy Profile Image FT Energy
The latest energy news from the Financial Times. Our customer service team is @FTcare.
64 0.9


RenewEconomy Profile Image RenewEconomy
Australia's only independent news and commentary on clean energy and climate change. Edited by @GilesParkinson
64 -0.5


Global Covenant Profile Image Global Covenant
The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together @eumayors & @compactofmayors to form the largest coalition of mayors fighting climate change.
64 -0.2


BofAML Profile Image BofAML
The official Twitter handle for Bank of America Merrill Lynch providing global perspective, comprehensive solutions and strategic guidance.
64 0.3


WindEurope Profile Image WindEurope
WindEurope, formerly EWEA, is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. For events: @WindEuropeEvent
64 -0.1


Jill Peeters Profile Image Jill Peeters
Weervrouw met een warm hart voor klimaat | ☁️ |Weather presenter | ☀️ | Climate Communication | Stormchaser | Geography | Sustmeme TOP100 | IG
64 -1.6


Alfons   Wispels Profile Image Alfons Wispels
Oprichter Pure Energie, levert alleen eigengemaakte energie uit zon & wind, 4 x op rij " de Groenste " Missie: Nederland donkergroen.. én snel !
63 1.2


Bas_news Profile Image Bas_news
Latest news from British Antarctic Survey, delivering world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Follow @BAS_Jobs for latest job vacancies.
63 0.1


Maroš   Šefčovič Profile Image Maroš Šefčovič
Vice-President of @EU_Commission in charge of #EnergyUnion & coordination of #EUSpacePolicy. Account is managed by myself & my team. Find my blog on LinkedIn
63 0.3


Parley Profile Image Parley
Where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for our oceans & collaborate to end their destruction. Join: #ParleyAIR #fortheoceans
63 -0.5


Ken Caldeira Profile Image Ken Caldeira
A scientist researching issues related to climate, carbon, and energy. Carnegie Institution for Science (Global Ecology), Stanford, CA, USA
63 -0.7


Watts Up With That Profile Image Watts Up With That
...the world's most viewed climate website Retweets ≠ endorsements
63 0.1


E&E News Profile Image E&E News
What energy & environment professionals need to know. E&E produces Energywire, Greenwire, E&E Daily, Climatewire, E&E News PM & E&ETV.
63 0.2


Michael Liebreich Profile Image Michael Liebreich
Founder: @BloombergNEF @FiResilience @Pearlshare @IfYouSki @Ecov1865. Board: @TfL @SE4All @BowelsOfStMarks. Prof: @EnergyFuturesIC. Olympic skier, Londoner, dad
63 -0.8


Climate_action_ Profile Image Climate_action_
Working in partnership with @UNEP to unite business, Government and NGOs in developing a low carbon future #COP23 #SIIS17 #SIF17 #SInv17 #ClimateAction
63 -0.4


Oil Change Intl Profile Image Oil Change Intl
Oil Change International campaigns to expose the true costs of oil and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy.
63 -0.7


Richard Mclellan Profile Image Richard Mclellan
CEO @NACC_NRM - Environmentalist. @OurWAParks Ambassador. Into: ecology, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Not into: #ClimateChange
63 -0.3


Richard Tol Profile Image Richard Tol
理查德·托尔 Notorious T.O.L., author of the first textbook on Climate Economics. EBS19 [E4 B3 S12]
63 -0.6


Solar Power World Profile Image Solar Power World
SPW magazine delivers media that helps solar contractors and developers grow their businesses and do their jobs better, via our magazine and online channels.
63 0.0


Eiainvestigator Profile Image Eiainvestigator
EIA is an independent campaigning group committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse
63 -0.7


New Climate Economy Profile Image New Climate Economy
How can countries, cities, and businesses promote economic growth while reducing the risk of dangerous climate change? Retweets/favorites are not endorsements.
63 -0.4


Leonardo ENERGY Profile Image Leonardo ENERGY
Connecting Energy Technologies, Policies and Markets
63 -0.4


Leo Hickman Profile Image Leo Hickman
Director/editor of @CarbonBrief. Served 16 years at the Guardian. Author of A Life Stripped Bare, The Final Call, Will Jellyfish Rule the World?...
63 0.7


Masdar Profile Image Masdar
Masdar is developing & deploying commercial-scale renewable energy projects, leading sustainable urban development & advancing clean-tech innovation worldwide.
63 -0.6


Judith Curry Profile Image Judith Curry
President of Climate Forecast Applications Network Proprietor of blog Climate Etc.
63 -0.4


Eamon Ryan Profile Image Eamon Ryan
Leader of the Green Party / Comhaontas Glás /
63 -0.2


Lisa Friedman Profile Image Lisa Friedman
I cover climate change for the New York Times. I still tweet about puppies, though.
63 0.2


Guy Shrubsole Profile Image Guy Shrubsole
Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. I tweet about climate change, nature, coal, floods, land, politics. All views my own.
62 0.9


Drawdown Profile Image Drawdown
Project Drawdown describes when & how humanity can reach climate drawdown, the point at which greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere begin to decline.
62 -0.5


1010 Profile Image 1010
There's a cleaner, cleverer world taking shape. We're a charity that brings people together to help tackle climate change.
62 -0.1


MIT   ClimateCoLab Profile Image MIT ClimateCoLab
Crowdsourcing solutions to climate change.
62 1.2


Patricia Espinosa C. Profile Image Patricia Espinosa C.
Executive Secretary of the @UNFCCC Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático @CMNUCC
62 -4.8


Roseanna   Cunningham Profile Image Roseanna Cunningham
SNP MSP for P'shire Sth & Kinross-shire, Cabinet Sec'y for Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform
62 -4.0


Seiclimate Profile Image Seiclimate
Stockholm Environment Institute climate & policy research team, working at 7 centres worldwide. We post highlights of our work & interesting items we encounter.
62 -0.4


Laurence Kemball-Cook Profile Image Laurence Kemball-Cook
CEO and Founder of Pavegen
62 0.7


TckTckTck Profile Image TckTckTck
The Global Call for Climate Action is an alliance of more than 450 global nonprofit organisations working towards real progress on climate change.
62 -0.2


Power Shift Network Profile Image Power Shift Network
The Power Shift Network supports a grassroots, generation-wide movement to stop the climate crisis and build a #powershift! Formerly @energyaction.
62 -0.9


Votesolar Profile Image Votesolar
Bringing solar to the mainstream - and helping you do it too.
62 -0.5


InSunWeTrust Profile Image InSunWeTrust
Le site #gratuit qui vous accompagne dans votre projet #photovoltaïque ☀ Simulateur fiable ☀ Artisans locaux ☀ Toute l'actu du #solaire ☀
62 -0.5


Martin Bloem Profile Image Martin Bloem
#HIV/#AIDS & #Nutrition, @WFP; @JohnsHopkinsSPH; #climatechange #health #gender #youth Views are my own
61 -0.3


EDFEnergyEX Profile Image EDFEnergyEX
Environmental Defense Fund's Climate & Energy Program - Accelerating the Transition to a Clean, Low-Carbon Energy Economy
61 -0.3


EnergyCollectiv Profile Image EnergyCollectiv
The world's best thinkers on energy and climate issues. Register for newsletter, webinar access and ebooks.
61 0.1


RE100 Profile Image RE100
The world’s most influential companies, committed to 100% renewable power. Brought to you by @ClimateGroup in partnership with @CDP. #RE100
61 -0.1


Statoil Profile Image Statoil
Shaping the future of energy. We are an energy company headquartered in Norway and present in more than 30 countries. Follow us for news and updates in English.
61 0.8


Energypresssec Profile Image Energypresssec
All things @Energy and @SecretaryPerry
61 -0.3


Pvmagazine Profile Image Pvmagazine
We’re a leading #photovoltaic trade #magazine & website, striving to keep interested readers abreast of the latest #PV developments.
61 0.1


SolarCity Profile Image SolarCity
Power forever.
61 0.5


Richard Munang Profile Image Richard Munang
@UNEP Africa CC Coordinator, Winner, Africa Environmental Hero Award, @UNEP Programme Innovation 2016 Award. Opinions are my own n not my organization's.
61 -0.1


Energy4Europe Profile Image Energy4Europe
We are the @EU_Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. We tweet & RT on #EU policy developments, news, facts & more. #EnergyUnion #CleanEnergyEU
61 -0.6


Daily Climate Profile Image Daily Climate
News for a changing planet
61 0.4


Reliance Energy Profile Image Reliance Energy
Official handle of Reliance Energy–Mumbai, a part of Reliance Group, the largest pvt. power distributor in India.
61 -0.5


Rob Hopkins Profile Image Rob Hopkins
Co-founder of Transition Network, catalyst, blogger, appearer in Cesar-winning film 'Demain', father, swimmer, scintillating public speaker. Born at 323.15ppm.
61 -0.7


DONG Energy UK Profile Image DONG Energy UK
DONG Energy is the UK leader in offshore wind, with interests in oil & gas and b2b energy sales. We’ve invested £6bn in the UK, and hope to double this by 2020.
61 -0.3


Andy Brown Profile Image Andy Brown
Climate Change Strategy | Sustainability & Investment | Corporate Social Responsibility | Chair of @bristol4europe | Cyclist & Rower
61 -0.2


SEPA Profile Image SEPA
The educational non-profit for solar, energy storage, demand response, and other enabling technologies. Co-owner of @spiconvention and other Solar Power Events.
61 0.5


Amber Sullins Profile Image Amber Sullins
5 time Emmy Award Winning #ABC15 Chief Meteorologist, #Phoenix native, #UofA Atmospheric Science grad/ board member, #AMS CBM, #AZWX #abc15wx #monsoon2017
61 0.7


Ed Hawkins Profile Image Ed Hawkins
Climate scientist | Professor at University of Reading | Likes spirals | Editor of @ClimateLabBook blog | Views own
61 -0.7


Rachel Kyte Profile Image Rachel Kyte
Special Representative of @UN Secretary General and CEO @SEforALLorg. Bringing the global sustainable energy movement together at #SEforALLforum for #SDG7.
61 0.7


Will Yeates Profile Image Will Yeates
Climate & Envirotweeting. Digital comms consultant
61 0.6


Jess Shankleman Profile Image Jess Shankleman
Bloomberg @business journalist. Renewable energy, climate change. Professional nag. Views mine.
61 -0.6


Clean Energy Canada Profile Image Clean Energy Canada
We work to accelerate Canada’s transition to a clean and renewable energy system. A program of @SFUDialogue. Tweets by @juliakilpat, @danwoy & @trevormelanson.
61 -0.6


Acore Profile Image Acore
The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) unites business, policy and finance to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy.
61 0.0


Alertnetclimate Profile Image Alertnetclimate
News on the human and development impacts of climate change, with writers from places most at risk from a warming planet.
61 0.4


Saleemul   Huq Profile Image Saleemul Huq
Director, @ICCCAD and Senior Fellow, @IIED. Work on adaptation to climate change. Views presented are my own.
61 -0.2


The ClimateCoalition Profile Image The ClimateCoalition
The Climate Coalition is the largest group of people in the UK dedicated to tackling climate change, with our sister orgs @SCCscot and @SCCCymru
60 0.1


SolarAid Profile Image SolarAid
International charity challenging climate change & poverty by building sustainable markets for solar lights in Africa.
60 -0.3


Caneurope Profile Image Caneurope
Climate Action Network Europe is Europe's largest coalition working on climate and energy issues, with over 130 member organisations in more than 30 countries.
60 -0.3


JPascal Van   Ypersele Profile Image JPascal Van Ypersele
IPCC Vice-Chair for AR5, climate physicist, Prof UCLouvain, Dedicated to policy-neutral & relevant, assessments of climate issues to advance Humanity
60 -0.5


Coral Davenport Profile Image Coral Davenport
I cover energy and environment policy for the New York Times. Also reachable on Signal and WhatsApp.
60 -4.0


Bullfrog Power Profile Image Bullfrog Power
Imagine a world powered by renewable energy. Now help make it happen. We are Canada’s leading green energy provider. Join the bullfrogpowered community today.
60 -0.8


DeSmog   UK Profile Image DeSmog UK
Independent news, investigative journalism, and analysis. Dedicated to clearing PR pollution that clouds climate science and action.
60 -0.3


GE Renewable   Energy Profile Image GE Renewable Energy
We take the strength of the wind, the force of water, the heat of the sun, & put them to work w/ breakthrough technology that unleashes their true possibilities
60 0.1


John Curtin Profile Image John Curtin
Executive Director of Flood & Coastal Risk Management, Environment Agency - improving our ability to manage the nation's flood risk
60 0.9


UN-REDD Programme Profile Image UN-REDD Programme
We are supporting 64 developing countries in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation. shares≠endorsement
60 2.9


Sir Mark Walport Profile Image Sir Mark Walport
Tweets from the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and the Government Office for Science. Most tweets by officials. Direct quotes will be signed ‘SMW’.
60 -0.5


Grantham   Imperial Profile Image Grantham Imperial
Driving forward climate & environment research at @imperialcollege, translating this into real world impact & communicating our knowledge.
60 -0.1


ClimateBonds Profile Image ClimateBonds
The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy. Tweets by Andrew Whiley.
60 0.0


Julia Pyper Profile Image Julia Pyper
Senior Editor for @Greentechmedia. CDN. Tweets on energy, climate, tech, politics, GIFs. Side hustle: @EmpoweringProj Tips? Msg me! DMs open.
60 -0.7


Doug Parr Profile Image Doug Parr
Greenpeace UK Chief Scientist and policy guru. Own views, believe it or not.
60 1.5


Pik_climate Profile Image Pik_climate
PIK addresses crucial scientific questions in the fields of global change, #climate impacts and #sustainable development. Tweets from the press team.
60 -0.4


Ruth   Hayhurst Profile Image Ruth Hayhurst
Journalist writing for about onshore oil and gas, fracking and the reactions to it. RTs are not necessarily endorsements.
60 1.1


Mindy Lubber Profile Image Mindy Lubber
I am the CEO and President of Ceres. Follow @CeresNews, too!
60 0.1


Daniel Cohan Profile Image Daniel Cohan
Professor studying air, climate, & energy at @RiceUniversity; Contributor to @TheHill and @ConversationUS
60 0.2


Tom Burke Profile Image Tom Burke
Environmentalist. Chairman & Founding Director of @E3G. Particularly active on energy & climate issues. Prominent critic of government nuclear power policy.
59 0.9


Worldwatch   Institute Profile Image Worldwatch Institute
Environmental research organization focused on advancing low-carbon energy, creating a healthy future for agriculture, and developing sustainable economies
59 -2.7


Aceeedc Profile Image Aceeedc
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) promotes economic prosperity, energy security, & environmental protection. Tweets ≠ endorsements.
59 -0.9


Abyd Karmali Profile Image Abyd Karmali
Personal capacity; financing change or changing finance; low-carbon & climate-resilient investment; Disclosure: I work @BofAML, views are my own; P90D
59 1.5


Utility Week Profile Image Utility Week
The leading business media brand for the UK utilities industry. Tweeting the latest water, gas and electricity sector news.
59 -0.7


Rishi Madlani Profile Image Rishi Madlani
Sustainable Energy/Sustainability professional by day Bloomsbury local Councillor by night. LGBT activist.
59 -0.5


TheClimateInstitute Profile Image TheClimateInstitute
A non-partisan, independent research organisation that works with community, business and government to drive innovative and effective climate change solutions
59 -1.5


Breakthrough Profile Image Breakthrough
Breakthrough Institute is a pioneering research institute changing how people think about energy and the environment.
59 -0.9


Dan   Woynillowicz Profile Image Dan Woynillowicz
Policy Director @cleanenergycan @SFUDialogue @SFU | Energy policy & politics | Good coffee | Bicycles | Opinions are mine
59 0.1


Project MIDAS Profile Image Project MIDAS
A UK-based research project, studying the effects of melting on the Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica | @mewo2 tweeting
59 -0.3


Euroheat & Power   EHP Profile Image Euroheat & Power EHP
International network for #DistrictEnergy promoting #sustainable heating & cooling in #Europe & beyond. #renewables #cogeneration #HeatingEU #smartcities
59 0.0


Alan Whitehead Profile Image Alan Whitehead
Labour Member of Parliament for Southampton Test
59 0.4


New Security Beat Profile Image New Security Beat
Blog of @TheWilsonCenter's Environmental Change & Security Program with contributions from the Maternal Health Initiative & @WilsonCEF
59 0.8


DONG Energy Profile Image DONG Energy
DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. On this global account we tweet about green energy.
59 -1.4


Lang Banks, Profile Image Lang Banks,
Executive Director Advocacy & Campaigns @WWF_UK |Tweets: #NumberOfTheDay #nature #climate #renewables Likes: beer, newspapers, keeping
59 0.7


Mark Lynas Profile Image Mark Lynas
Pro-science & environment campaigner. Author of 'High Tide', 'Six Degrees' & 'The God Species'. Cornell Alliance for Science.
59 -0.3


Tim Ream Profile Image Tim Ream
In the spectacular Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion, fighting to protect 8 million acres of public lands. This is a critical #climatechange refuge for biodiversity.
59 2.1


Marguerite GAZZE Profile Image Marguerite GAZZE
Communication Adviser @EU_Commission @Energy4Europe @ristori20 • #Energy #H2020 #SmartCities #SETPlan #IoT #Tw4SE #EUSEW17 Coaching staff
59 -0.4


Renewableuk Profile Image Renewableuk
The UK's leading renewable energy trade association and recognised voice for wind and marine energy.
59 -0.8


Mark Brandon Profile Image Mark Brandon
Polar Oceanographer, academic, Londoner. Was Principal Academic Advisor on BBC Frozen Planet, and other TV series. Heart always in the ice
59 1.6


#ClimateWednesday Profile Image #ClimateWednesday
Climate Wednesday Seeks to Build a Climate Smart Generation In Africa. #Environment | #Health | #Education | #SDGs #LetsDoMore - [ICCDI]
59 -0.5


Carbon War Room Profile Image Carbon War Room
We accelerate the adoption of biz sol'ns that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale & advance the low-carbon economy. CWR is a part of @RockyMtnInst.
59 1.4


Greg   Laden Profile Image Greg Laden
Evolutionary Biologist, Writer, Educator. Climate Change, Evolution, Africa, Palaeoanthro. I blog here:
59 -0.7


Faraday Future Profile Image Faraday Future
FF is a global automotive and tech company, unifying sustainable transportation and digital ecosystems to redefine future mobility.
59 -0.0


Nick   Beglinger Profile Image Nick Beglinger
CEO Cleantech21 Foundation. Personal views, mostly English. #development #advocacy #regulatoryefficiency #cleantech #ClimateAction #PriceOnCarbon #Blockchain
59 0.3


SEG Ingeniería Profile Image SEG Ingeniería
Análisis y noticias sobre Energías Renovables y Eficiencia Energética.
59 -0.3


EU Energy Week Profile Image EU Energy Week
@EU_Commission initiative to encourage #sustainableenergy & #renewables. See you at #EUSEW17? #EnergyUnion
59 -2.2


Sunita Narain Profile Image Sunita Narain
Editor, Down To Earth and Director, CSE, Environmentalist
59 0.6


CCC Profile Image CCC
Independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change. Retweets for info only.
59 -1.2


Third Way Energy Profile Image Third Way Energy
Third Way - The Clean Energy Program - Shaping a clean energy revolution.
59 -1.0


Brian Vad Mathiesen Profile Image Brian Vad Mathiesen
Prof #HighlyCited #Research | Prog Director MSc #SustainableCities | @HeatRoadmapEU @ReInvestEU @4DHresearch #RenewableEnergy #SmartEnergySystems | Own opinions
59 -0.5


Emily Gosden Profile Image Emily Gosden
Energy editor for The Times. Previously at the Telegraph.
58 1.8


Intelligent Energy Profile Image Intelligent Energy
We fund #energy projects under the EU's #Horizon2020 & #IntelligentEnergy Europe programmes. @EU_Commission Executive Agency for SMEs #EASME. RT≠endorsement
58 -0.5


Eric Roston Profile Image Eric Roston
Important things are more fun than fun things are important. Carbon stuff. Non-carbon stuff. Spirograph blackbelt. Often spotted with @karenyourish. RT=PV/n.
58 -0.3


REScoop   EU Profile Image REScoop EU
European Federation of groups and #cooperatives of #citizens for #renewable energy and energy #efficiency.
58 -0.1


WECAN, International Profile Image WECAN, International
Womens Earth & Climate Action Network is solutions-based network 2 engage #women worldwide as powerful stakeholders in #climatejustice, #climatechange solutions
58 -0.7


EnergyBoom Profile Image EnergyBoom
Tweeting the latest renewable energy, environment and clean tech news!
58 -0.7


Heidi Cullen Profile Image Heidi Cullen
Climate scientist @ClimateCentral. Chief Science Advisor for @YEARSofLIVING. @SeeingEyeInc puppy raiser. Author of The Weather of the Future.
58 0.1


Jenclairrobson Profile Image Jenclairrobson
Digital strategy and content consultant. #ThinkWriteDigital & Digital Communications Director for @ClimateActionNE
58 -0.5


Zachary Shahan Profile Image Zachary Shahan
Human | Director,, Founder Prez
58 -0.6


SuperBox Inc. Profile Image SuperBox Inc.
SuperBox Inc. is a diversified, multi-national holding company with divisions in Environmental Services, Automotive, Technology, Security & Entertainment.
58 -0.0


Gri_lse Profile Image Gri_lse
LSE's world-leading centre for policy-relevant research & training in climate change & the environment, chaired by Lord Nicholas Stern. Tweets by Merlin Sibley.
58 0.9


Tor Valenza Profile Image Tor Valenza
Tor Valenza aka Solar Fred is CMO of Solar at Read RTs/via links are news, not endorsements.
58 -0.2


WWF Cymru Profile Image WWF Cymru
WWF yng Nghymru. Rydym yn monitro'r cyfrif yma 9-5 Llun-Gwe | WWF in Wales. Account monitored 9-5 Mon-Fri.
58 0.6


ECIU Profile Image ECIU
The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) is non-profit initiative aiming to support informed debate on energy and climate issues in the UK
58 -0.7


AREVA France Profile Image AREVA France
Compte officiel du groupe AREVA. Philippe #VarinAREVA, Philippe #KnocheAREVA et @BernardFontana. Our expertise, our stories :
58 -0.6


Alan Nogee Profile Image Alan Nogee
Clean energy consulting. Former Union of Concerned Scientists Clean Energy Program Director. Tweeting on renewable energy, coal, nuclear, climate.
58 -0.7


Ecofys Profile Image Ecofys
Sustainable energy for everyone. Part of @NavigantEnergy. Leading consultancy in energy & climate policies, energy systems & markets, sustainable industries.
58 -1.9


Renews_ Profile Image Renews_
You read it first in reNEWS, the leading renewable energy publication, twice a month straight to your desktop and online 24/7.
58 0.2


Dana   Nuccitelli Profile Image Dana Nuccitelli
Environmental scientist by day. Climate blogger at The Guardian and by night. Author of Climatology versus Pseudoscience.
58 -0.5


IIGCC Profile Image IIGCC
Collaborative forum on #climate solutions & #lowcarbon shift - represents 138 European institutional #investors managing with over €19Trn AUM. RT≠endorsement
58 -0.0


Scotrenew Profile Image Scotrenew
We are an organisation dedicated to strengthening business relationships and committed to securing the best possible environment for renewables in Scotland
58 0.1


Howard Johns Profile Image Howard Johns
#solar warrior! author, founder @OVESCo. Chair @1010 Passionate about #energyrevolution - new book:
58 -1.6


Bob Ward Profile Image Bob Ward
Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE. But these views are my own.
58 1.0


The Carbon Trust Profile Image The Carbon Trust
Working with businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy.
58 0.9


Adam Greenberg Profile Image Adam Greenberg
Racial, climate, justice, organizer. Policy analyst/troublemaker. @SustainUS, @350Mass, @HuffingtonPost. UN climate negotiations youth delegate. @IfNotNoworg
57 -2.1


Cemsecretariat Profile Image Cemsecretariat
Twitter account of the Clean Energy Ministerial, a unique partnership of 25 key countries working together to accelerate the global #energy transition
57 1.7


CIBSE Profile Image CIBSE
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers: dedicated to improving building performance through engineering excellence
57 0.7


Katherine Hamilton Profile Image Katherine Hamilton
Clean energy expert with three decades in technology and policy in DC as well as around the US and globe. Proud to be part of @TheEnergyGang.
57 -0.9


Solarfound Profile Image Solarfound
Research and Education to Advance #Solar Energy ☀️
57 -0.2


Jeremy Leggett Profile Image Jeremy Leggett
Social entrepreneur & writer on energy, climate, tech, development & dangers of rising new despotism. Founder of Solarcentury & SolarAid.
57 -0.4


Dominique   Ristori Profile Image Dominique Ristori
Director-General, European Commission, DG #Energy @Energy4Europe. Views are my own and do not represent the position of @EU_Commission. RT≠endorsement.
57 -1.1


Schneider Electric Profile Image Schneider Electric
We invent technologies that transform the places where we live, work and play -- supporting the rhythm of our lives -- empowering people to do more with less.
57 0.7


Latestsolarnews Profile Image Latestsolarnews
#Solar #energy news is a brand new source of information on the solar #power industry and #renewables in general. Follow us and we will keep you up to date.
57 -0.4


Isaac Arnsdorf Profile Image Isaac Arnsdorf
Covering Trump for @ProPublica. Former @POLITICO, @Bloomberg. ''Cool-headed pro'' -The Washington Post, 6/17/06
57 0.4


Ben   West Profile Image Ben West
#Climate campaigner & @ClimateRace coFounder
57 -0.4


CAHA   Inc Profile Image CAHA Inc
The Climate and Health Alliance is a coalition of health care stakeholders who work together for climate action to protect people's health from climate change.
57 -0.7


Amanda *$ Profile Image Amanda *$
Clean energy, clean finance & free-form radio fan. Bird nerd. Campaign Director with Greenpeace Andino (Argentina, Chile & Colombia). Views are my own.
57 -0.4


Sixth Element S. Mgt Profile Image Sixth Element S. Mgt
Ph.D.-climate change author; Tweets News: bioenergy, biofuels, biochar, #cdnforestry, Indigenous bioeconomy, First Nations, #FNforestry
57 0.4


PeterHeadCBE Profile Image PeterHeadCBE
@ecosequestrust Founder and Chief Executive and father of @ResilienceIO
57 1.4


Sustainable Homes Profile Image Sustainable Homes
Delivering benchmarking and accreditation, consultancy, events, training, research, advocacy and lobbying to achieve more sustainable homes across the UK.
57 -0.3


Richard Howard Profile Image Richard Howard
Head of Environment & Energy @Policy_Exchange - interested in energy, climate, environment.
57 0.0


ScienceBasedTargets Profile Image ScienceBasedTargets
A joint initiative by CDP, UNGC, WWF, and WRI which enables businesses to take swift climate action by setting ambitious emissions reduction targets
57 -0.8


Nigel Topping Profile Image Nigel Topping
passionate about role of business in addressing Climate Change, CEO @WMBtweets, chair @SchumacherColl
57 0.3


Hunter Lovins Profile Image Hunter Lovins
President, Natural Capitalism Solutions; Chief Insurgent, madrone project
57 -0.6


Niauk Profile Image Niauk
Nuclear Industry Association - voice of the UK's civil nuclear industry
57 -1.0


Ashden Profile Image Ashden
We uncover the most innovative sustainable energy pioneers, leading the way to a thriving low-carbon future. #sustainable
57 1.1


E3G Profile Image E3G
Independent experts on climate diplomacy, energy & finance. We accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Newsletter at
57 -0.4


Patricia Schouker Profile Image Patricia Schouker
#Energy Analyst | Associate Member @UniofOxford | Writing on energy market
57 0.8


Steven   Guilbeault Profile Image Steven Guilbeault
Écologiste, écrivain à temps perdu et très fier papa/ Environmentalist, writer when i can find the time and very proud dad!
57 1.0


WSF Profile Image WSF
The 7th World Sustainability Forum #WSF2018CN on #SDGs will be held in #Cangzhou #China September 2018. @MDPIOpenAccess @UniBasel_en
57 0.0


CDKN Profile Image CDKN
The Climate & Development Knowledge Network supports developing country decision-makers to design and deliver climate compatible development
57 1.9


Gretchen   Goldman Profile Image Gretchen Goldman
Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy @UCSUSA. PhD Environmental engineer. @Cornell. @GeorgiaTech. Mom. Cyclist. Public Transit Enthusiast.
57 3.7


Voces Profile Image Voces
Network of #Latino organizations & leaders from health, business, civic, & faith sectors for #enviropolicy, #climate solutions, & #cleanenergy #voces4climate
57 -1.3


TERI Profile Image TERI
The Energy and Resources Institute -TERI is an independent not-for-profit research institute focused on energy, environment and sustainable development.
57 -0.7


Dirk   Vansintjan Profile Image Dirk Vansintjan
Dirk Vansintjan, board member Ecopower (Belgian renewable energy coop), president (European federation of REScoops)
57 0.4


Solar Power   Portal Profile Image Solar Power Portal
The Leading resource for the UK solar supply chain, part of the @Solarmedialtd group.
56 0.1


Engerati Profile Image Engerati
Global smart energy network. Producing content that matters. Join the conversation: #EngeratiAnalysis #smartgrid #smartcities #microgrid #utilities #renewables
56 -0.4


Stefanie   Spear Profile Image Stefanie Spear
Founder & CEO of @EcoWatch
56 0.1


Thinkgeoenergy Profile Image Thinkgeoenergy
Carefully curated global geothermal energy news and coverage from the leading geothermal news platform.
56 -1.0


Stefan Henningsson Profile Image Stefan Henningsson
Senior Adviser Climate, Energy & Innovation at WWF in Sweden. Policy frameworks, finance, biz innovation & cleantech addressing climate change & energy access
56 1.0


David Biello Profile Image David Biello
History is a race between education and catastrophe: HG Wells. Me: Science curator @TEDtalks, among other things. Read my book The Unnatural World out now!
56 0.5


Bcsecleanenergy Profile Image Bcsecleanenergy
The Business Council for Sustainable Energy: A coalition of the energy efficiency, natural gas & renewable energy industries. Tweets/RTs/Likes ≠ Endorsement
56 -0.7


Amanda Reilly Profile Image Amanda Reilly
@EENewsUpdates legal reporter. Outdoors lover, traveler, book nerd, Cubs fan, @reillydelivered's better half. Often on the Chesapeake. RTs ≠ endorsements.
56 -0.5


Rebecca Carman Profile Image Rebecca Carman
Climate change advisor @ UNDP. Australian mum of two. Pop culture enthusiast.
56 3.6


Stop Climate Chaos Profile Image Stop Climate Chaos
We are a diverse coalition of civil society organisations campaigning on #climatechange in Scotland. Together we can make a difference.
56 0.0


EY_PowerUtility Profile Image EY_PowerUtility
The latest insights on market trends and points of view on relevant industry issues in power and utilities from EY Global Power & Utilities.
56 -0.1


Will Nichols Profile Image Will Nichols
Environmental analyst @MaplecroftRisk, ex @BusinessGreen. Into clean energy, sustainable sourcing, electric cars & #greensports. Views mine etc
56 -0.5


Graham Readfearn Profile Image Graham Readfearn
Journo - climate/denial/enviro. Guardian blog @DeSmogBlog & podcast host Burnley fan
56 -1.4


Eric Pooley Profile Image Eric Pooley
SVP for strategy and communications at Environmental Defense Fund, author of The Climate War, avid skier and backporch guitar picker.
56 -1.0


Chris Nelder Profile Image Chris Nelder
Energy Futurist/Analyst/Writer/Speaker. Host of @TransitionShow. Electricity Manager at @RockyMtnInst; views expressed here are my own and not my employer's.
56 -0.4


Climate_rescue Profile Image Climate_rescue
Climate chaos may still be reversible. Let's move fast! UN 'Climate Centurion' award. #circulareconomy #biochar Also @blindspotting big #systemchange
56 -0.2


Energyinstitute Profile Image Energyinstitute
The official Twitter feed of the EI - the leading professional membership body supporting all those working in and studying energy. Tweets are not endorsements.
56 -0.5


Daphne Wysham Profile Image Daphne Wysham
Cities are leading on clean energy, no new fossil fuel infrastructure, just transition. Join us!
56 -0.2


Tzeporah   Berman Profile Image Tzeporah Berman
Adjunct Professor York University Environmental Studies. Former co-director Climate Unit Greenpeace International. Director Author. Mom.
56 -0.2


Simon Donner Profile Image Simon Donner
Climate scientist @UBC, writer, speaker, traveler; climate change is the greatest challenge and opportunity of the century
56 -0.6


Brian Lakamp Profile Image Brian Lakamp
Field notes from the intersection of design, technology and culture. Renewable energy. Emerging media. iHeart, Totem and beyond.
56 0.5


Drstevefawkes Profile Image Drstevefawkes
Award-winning energy efficiency, management, financing & new energy expert with more than 25 years’ experience.
55 -1.4


Nick Mabey Profile Image Nick Mabey
Democracy and the long term public interest, climate change and a bit of history
55 -1.1


WorldNuclear Profile Image WorldNuclear
World Nuclear Association promotes the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource. Join us in September for #NuclearSympo
55 1.0


Richard Betts Profile Image Richard Betts
Professor of Climate Impacts, University of Exeter & Met Office Hadley Centre. Directs EU-funded climate research project @helixclimate
55 0.3


Smasolar Profile Image Smasolar
Welcome to the official SMA twitter page. Leonie (^lb), Mareike (^ms) and Susanne (^sh) tweet about SMA, PV and the energy transition. Mo-Fr 9-17h
55 -0.4


Dr. Peter Nagel☀️ Profile Image Dr. Peter Nagel☀️
GER & U.S. trained Lawyer (#UMichLaw), Editor-in-Chief, former #Judge & #ConLaw Counsel w/ the Saxonian Gov't, RT≠Endorsm. Imprint
55 2.1


Changes Everything Profile Image Changes Everything
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate. The new book by @NaomiaKlein. Documentary by @AviLewis.
55 -0.6


EverCharge Profile Image EverCharge
The worlds most intelligent and #EnergyEfficient EV Charging system for #MultiFamily housing, Top Ten Automotive #Startups of 2016
55 1.3


Aus Wind Alliance Profile Image Aus Wind Alliance
The Australian Wind Alliance brings together communities, businesses and individuals in #Australia who support more #wind energy.
55 0.0


CAN-International Profile Image CAN-International
Network of over 1200 NGOs fighting climate change. Watch here for updates on UN climate talks, our ECO newsletter, Fossil of the Day & other member activities.
55 -1.0


John Licata Profile Image John Licata
Educator, Speaker, Storyteller and Content Guru bringing clarity to digital innovation: AI, blockchain, energy, IoT and connected car.
55 0.4


Nancy Skinner Profile Image Nancy Skinner
Host of Climate Talk Radio Call in at 202-630-2162. Climate Reality Leadership Corps Member, and media personality.
55 0.2


Rolly   Montpellier Profile Image Rolly Montpellier
Activist, Blogger Facebook: Below2C @ClimateLobbyOtt @ClimateReality @CitizensClimatelobby @350Ottawa
55 2.1


Alex Gilbert Profile Image Alex Gilbert
Energy and climate. Policy, law, and markets. Data-driven narrative analysis. Cofounder @sparklibrary. Alum @VTLawSchool (MERL, not lawyer)
55 -0.5


Martha Delgado Profile Image Martha Delgado
Fundación PENSAR | Former Secretary for the Environment of Mexico City | Creadora de @Ecobici y #MercadoDeTrueque | Harvard Student ❤️ Cook, Farm & Sing
55 -1.0


James Greyson Profile Image James Greyson
Leverage for fast global change. CEO BlindSpot Think Tank & @Climate_Rescue. #globalsecurity #planetlevers #circulareconomy
55 -0.9


WWF Climate Savers Profile Image WWF Climate Savers
The Climate Savers programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business and industry on climate and energy. Main account: @ClimateWWF
55 -0.5


ODIclimate Profile Image ODIclimate
We research climate, energy, mitigation, adaptation and resilience at the Overseas Development Institute, @ODIdev.
55 -0.3


Jschmidtnrdc Profile Image Jschmidtnrdc
I'm the Director of the International Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Working throughout the world to help solve global warming.
55 1.9


Cleantech   Finland Profile Image Cleantech Finland
Fostering sustainable growth – Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations. Cleantech Finland is powered by @FinproFi.
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John Deben Profile Image John Deben
Climate Change champion. Former Minister Agriculture & Secretary of State for Environment. Chairman Climate Change Committee. British subject, European citizen.
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C2es_org Profile Image C2es_org
The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to forge practical solutions to climate change.
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Charles Ogilvie Profile Image Charles Ogilvie
#Energy #politics #cryptocurrencies #iot #art #VR #mountaineering & wolf dogs
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Acclimatise Profile Image Acclimatise
We are the #climatechange risk and #resilience people. We bridge the gap between climate science & practical action: Newsletter:
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Richard Klein Profile Image Richard Klein
Climate policy analyst at SEI and CSPR, director of NORD-STAR, editor-in-chief of Climate and Development, IPCC author.
55 3.9


Andy   Stanford-Clark Profile Image Andy Stanford-Clark
IBM CTO - UK and Ireland. Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor. Innovation and invention. IoT, MQTT. Runner. My views are my own.
55 -1.8


Ukycc Profile Image Ukycc
UK Youth Climate Coalition is a movement that inspires, empowers, mobilises and unites young people to take #climatechange action. Also follow @UKYCCdelegation
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Lisa Hymas Profile Image Lisa Hymas
I am director of the climate and energy program at Media Matters for America (@mmfa). Writer. Editor. Reader. Runner. Traveler. Flâneuse.
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Renewablesnews Profile Image Renewablesnews
At the heart of clean energy journalism. Providing news & interviews on renewable energy & energy efficiency issues. FB:
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Divest-Invest Profile Image Divest-Invest
A dynamic movement of investors catalyzing finance and energy shifts. Let's #FuelChange—Pledge to divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean and safe energy.
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Tamsin   Edwards Profile Image Tamsin Edwards
Climate scientist, lecturer @OpenUniversity, PLOS blogger:
55 -0.8


Jeremy J Nichols Profile Image Jeremy J Nichols
Tweets from @WildEarthGuard's Climate and Energy Program Director. Defending public lands, helping west move beyond fossil fuels. Denver, CO.
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Seec Profile Image Seec
Official twitter account of the House of Representatives Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC).
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Coillte Profile Image Coillte
Our vision is to be the best forestry and land solutions company in Europe.
55 -0.3


Carrzee Profile Image Carrzee
Dad, husband, carbon, energy reporter. I love well-structured markets. Bloomberg. Opinions my own. RT, favorites are not endorsements. Climate change scares me
55 1.2


John Farrell Profile Image John Farrell
The guru of distributed energy, host of the Local Energy Rules podcast, and unabashed nerd.
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MainstreamRP Profile Image MainstreamRP
Mainstream develops, constructs & operates wind and solar PV in high-growth emerging markets. Currently, it has 8,300 megawatts in development.
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(342) Profile Image
Earth's #sustainability
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Riversimple Profile Image Riversimple
We’re a UK car manufacturer & have designed a radically different #hydrogen #fuelcell powered #car. It has a range of 300 miles with equivalent c.250 mpg.
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Biomass Magazine Profile Image Biomass Magazine
Biomass Magazine serves companies engaged in producing and/or utilizing biomass power & heat, advanced biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biobased chemicals.
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ECOHZ Profile Image ECOHZ
Our vision is Changing Energy Behaviour. ECOHZ offers global renewable energy solutions to businesses, organisations and electricity providers.
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Adbclimate Profile Image Adbclimate
Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Climate Change Team. News & info on Climate Change & Development in Asia & Pacific. Retweets are not endorsements by ADB.
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Wecouncil Profile Image Wecouncil
The largest network of energy leaders dedicated to delivering a sustainable energy system for the greatest benefit of all. Hosts @WECongress in Abu Dhabi 2019
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Go Ultra Low Profile Image Go Ultra Low
All you need to know about electric vehicles. Backed by @AudiUK @BMW_UK @NissanUK @Renault_UK @ToyotaGB @UKVolkswagen @KiaUK @Hyundai_UK @OLEVgovuk
54 3.2


Chris Littlecott Profile Image Chris Littlecott
Fossil transition & CCS for E3G. Policy Research Associate with SCCS. Proud resident of Oxley Woods. Pompey fan. Views my own etc etc
54 -0.8


Climate Strategy Profile Image Climate Strategy
Climate Strategy is a specialist low carbon strategy consulting firm. We use Twitter to post new white papers, research and press which we find interesting.
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Michael Noble Profile Image Michael Noble
Clean energy, climate and transportation leader, organizing constituencies, policy strategy & philanthropy. CEO Fresh Energy & Publisher
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PwC_sustainability Profile Image PwC_sustainability
Making business and economic sense of sustainability
54 -0.5


Rechargenews Profile Image Rechargenews
The global source for renewable energy news & intelligence
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Megan Darby Profile Image Megan Darby
Deputy editor at @ClimateHome. Telling stories of life in a warming world. Available to break up man panels
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STA Profile Image STA
The Solar Trade Association is the leading voice for solar in the UK, representing and supporting the solar power and solar heating industry.
54 -0.9


Carbon Tax Center Profile Image Carbon Tax Center
Leading source of hard news, rigorous analysis, and honest politics on taxing climate pollution efficiently and fairly for a clean energy future.
54 -0.5


ClimateRealityAfrica Profile Image ClimateRealityAfrica
African Climate Reality Project; join us in demanding climate action.
54 -1.2


Kevin Anderson Profile Image Kevin Anderson
Professor of energy and climate change - interested in translating the science of climate change into carbon budgets, policy goals and mitigation options.
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Paul Dorfman Profile Image Paul Dorfman
Founder of the Nuclear Consulting Group, Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL Energy Institute
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John   Gibbons Profile Image John Gibbons
ThinkorSwim is a blog on #climatechange, sustainability, energy & related issues, by campaigning journalist John Gibbons, publisher of
54 -0.6


Anthony Hobley   (p) Profile Image Anthony Hobley (p)
CEO @CarbonBubble. Passionate on market solutions to climate. Ex-Lawyer. Husband @Lisa13Walker. Proud Father. Happy Dyslexic. Remainer. Views my own.
54 -1.7


Peter Davies Profile Image Peter Davies
supporting community,citizen & consumer led action. Chair of Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Dwr Cymru Customer Challenge Group, Size of Wales...
54 -0.2


EnerNOC Profile Image EnerNOC
Enterprise energy intelligence software provider. #Energy efficiency, procurement, utility bill mgmt, #DR, demand mgmt, project tracking, #DER
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