Nigeria to New York; catwalk to city

IMG_0684Recent weeks have seen a few more of my journalism and blogging pieces published and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Power and the Promise of the Grand Transition
Summary: Why the Grand Transition to clean and green energy can do more for Nigeria than just mitigate and ameliorate impacts, it can also create and stimulate social and environmental improvements.
Published on: ‘Nigeria Next’ (20 Feb, 2015)

5 Sustainable Statements at NY Fashion Week
Summary: Images of the fashion glitterati mingling in New York with celebrities and music stars might seem a world apart from eco and ethical concerns… But the two worlds are increasingly colliding.
Published on: ‘Let’s Do More’ for Gap Inc (18 Feb, 2015)

Can Twitter Save the City?
Summary: Why the only way to fast-track smart-city intelligence is to propagate an environment of ‘learning by absorption’, primarily seeded via social media.
Published on: ‘Illuminated Minds’, for GE Lighting (20 Jan, 2015)