Summer Recess at SustMeme…

Two people on bench on sandy beach, sat beneath blue sky, with Summer Recess overwritten in upper case yellow.

We should like to notify everyone of a Summer Recess scheduled at SustMeme this year. 

Summer Recess at SustMeme will run from Mon 28/08/23 – Fri 15/09/23.

Throughout this time, SustMeme will be On Tour!

Our 2023 no-fly trip by train and boat will visit 10 cities and 8 countries across Europe.

So, our weekly newsletter, the popular SustMeme Bulletin, will be on holiday for the duration of the Summer Recess, as well. As soon as publication resumes, all the latest news and features will appear there, first.

So, if you are not already signed up, please do take out a subscription now, to be ready to receive your regular sustainability update, when we come roaring back in late September.

Meantime, thank you for reading and we shall see you all again very shortly!