Cohort Report: Co-Creation Event + Publication

Sponsorship Package: 48hr #Hackathon + 16pp Report

The Cohort Report is an innovative production in digital + event media, designed to Client requirements. Working in partnership with a Sponsor, McClelland Media will:

Cohort Pic

•  Take a prime Sustainability topic;

•  Draw up a custom Client Manifesto;

•  Have it ‘Hacked’ (interrogated + rewritten) by a hand-picked Cohort of ‘Critical Friends’;

•  Co-create a joint Client+Cohort Manifesto via convened + facilitated (virtual or live) Summit;

•  Formally write up the process + outputs to provide an official 16-page Cohort Report.

The Cohort Report #Hackathon offers a dynamic way for Clients to engage openly with commentators + stakeholders, establish thought-leadership on a key issue, plus co-create high-value original content for use in marketing + press activities. It can also form the basis for a roundtable debate, or hosted forum event.

For details of content formats + production values, sponsorship benefits + rates, please click here to download Cohort Report PDF.

Once you have read and reviewed the PDF, to discuss a commission and/or partnership proposal, please click here to get in contact.

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