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Advertise in SustMeme Magazine  Buy Now Option

As well as promotion here on, plus Sponsorship, we also offer very cost-effective opportunities to advertise your organisation, product or service in SustMeme Magazine. Promoted daily to 24,000+ on Twitter, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn, the magazine features ad slots available on a 1-month rolling basis, which suits fast-turnaround scenarios such as event promotion particularly well. All you need to do is pick and pay for an option from the SustMeme Magazine Buy Now Menu at the bottom of the page and then email McClelland Media Ltd with either: Custom HTML; or Image (1MB max) + URL for advert hyperlink.

Advertising spaces are tailor-made for parties looking to raise awareness, working to strict budgets and/or for short-term supplementary promotion.

SustMeme Magazine Buy Now Menu:

Letterbox banner shape – 728 x 90 pixels

• Leaderboard Ad Slot – £40.00 PCM

Squarer box shape – 300 x 250 pixels

• Top Ad Slot – £20.00 PCM

• Lower Ad Slot – £10.00 PCM

We are happy to confirm renewal on a month-by-month basis, but should you prefer to book a longer run right from the outset, or a package deal combining multiple ad slots, please contact SustMeme to discuss arrangements and secure preferential rates.