Digital Energy Currencies: Blockchain Meets Cleantech

New writing… My new article for NRG Energy Stories is now live, asking whether blockchain and cleantech can combine to bring power to the people? It focuses on digital energy currencies – something of a crossover phenomenon. Bridging worlds of virtual networks and physical infrastructure, these cryptocurrencies inhabit a space where the emerging digital economy meets the evolving energy sector. They mark a commercial sweet-spot for innovation among both the tech community and the engineering profession. In particular, the piece looks at their rising rôle in collective energy models such as community solar, from Brooklyn, USA, to Perth in Australia.

For a fuller exploration of the trend, drivers and benefits, follow the link to read the story in detail: ‘How Digital Energy Currencies May Impact the Market’.

Amnesty in Action: ‘Enterprise Agility’ in The Times

New writing… Pleased to say I have had another article published in The Times newspaper, as part of a special Raconteur report on Enterprise Agility.

The piece looks at how advocacy in the digital age calls for greater agility on the part of campaigning organisations such as Amnesty UK. It also explores how the way people consume news is changing in the 21st century and what that might mean for human rights, as the ongoing creep of hyper-personalised content contributes to the ‘echo chamber’ effect and brings into question what will ultimately happen to the ‘mainstream’.

You can read the full story (with no paywall) here:

‘Advocacy goes online in the digital age’.

The full 16-page Enterprise Agility report is available to view/download here.

Rising Tide of Floating Renewables

New writing… My latest piece for JLL Real Views is now live, looking at an emerging investment trend in clean power: floating renewables. Whether it is a wind farm off the coast of Scotland, or a solar plant on a former coalmine in China, these recent record-breaking energy schemes are helping developers realise new opportunities, either by accessing deeper waters offshore, or freeing-up valuable land onshore, or both. For a fuller exploration of drivers and benefits, follow the link to read the story in detail: ‘The Rising Tide of Floating Renewables’.