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  • Editor’s Notes: In general, we are looking for Guest Blogs that offer insights and share stories of interest to a broad Sustainability readership. Please note, the Guest Blogs platform is expressly designed to showcase original copy offered to SustMeme on an exclusive, or a first-time publication basis.
  • Length: The full draft should run between 400-800 words in total (5,000 characters max) — the classic length for consumption on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Style & Tone: Whilst we are keen to retain the personality and voice of your individual blogging style, SustMeme does cater primarily for a (global) business audience and so we ask that you kindly keep that in mind as you write.
  • Pre-Press: We reserve the right to proof, sub and revise copy, to suit house style. However, we do typically provide a courtesy proof in advance, especially in cases where there might be significant changes of note.
  • Links: Where possible we encourage use of hyperlinks in the text to take the reader down into the detail, should they desire to delve deeper. This is especially recommended for product and project mentions, as well as references to such as reports and regulations, or the facts and figures behind statistics. Embedding links will help the narratve flow and keep the word count more manageable.
  • Bio: We invite you to include a brief biographical note (to be entered in a dedicated field on the submission form) to run on the bottom of the Blog, providing a profile of the Author. This is the ideal place for us to include links to your own blog, or company website, as well as social media handles, such as your Twitter/X identity.
  • Images: We consider the accompanying image(s) to be an important part of any successful blog, not least in helping it attract attention in social media posts. Ideally, we should like you to upoload at least one picture, or (info)graphic to illustrate your story. Please note, we are not inclined to accept company logos for use in the blog. As regards file size, there is an upload limit of 1500x1500px per image. Top Tip: An image scalable to 1200×800 is perfect for including the blog as one of the 5 feature posts promoted on the home page.
  • Mugshots: Typically we also like to add a profile picture of the Author in the bio. However, we recognise not everyone has a portrait they wish to see published — so, whilst this is our preferred option, it is not mandatory.

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