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Helping organisations and individuals map and navigate their Sustainability journey — from global mind-shift, to Monday morning — is the strategic vision for SustMeme.

As a media and events brand, SustMeme creates original content and shares stories ranging from weekly news and long-form feature articles, via live webinars and conference keynotes, to Top 500 global rankings.

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  • What you get: All stories are original content, written in-house at SustMeme. The information has been provided to us direct by the government, organisation, or company concerned (or their PR).
  • What you don’t get: Secondhand news that has either been syndicated from another source, or lifted from websites and feeds — we love recycling, but not content!


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The mantra at SustMeme (after E M Forster) is ‘Only connect…

  • Issues with Issues;
  • Issues with People; and
  • People with People.

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