Proposal: Guest Blog Synopsis

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Kindly read the Briefing Notes that follow, before pitching your Guest Blog Synopsis, using the Proposal form below…

Briefing Notes: We are looking for genuine Guest Blogs that offer insights and share stories of interest to a broad Sustainability readership.

The full draft should only run between 400-800 words in total — classic length for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

In the first instance, please submit a short Synopsis — nothing elaborate is needed, just a paragraph or two, maybe even bullet points — so we can assess the suitability of the subject matter.

The Editorial Desk can also review how it works in our planned and published content mix.

Please note, the Guest Blogs platform is expressly designed to showcase original copy offered to SustMeme on an exclusive, or a first-time publication basis.

Kindly also be aware, SustMeme does NOT accept the following types of content for publication:

  • Shameless sales plugs or blatant PR blags;
  • Pieces that court controversy with clickbait;
  • Political polemics designed to deepen tribal divides;
  • Anything likely to antagonise with aggression, or upset with inappropriate or intolerant expression.

In short: Please play nice!

Any questions, kindly Contact the Guest Blogs Team.

Synopsis & Proposal

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