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A New Climate for Sustainable Investment

New writing… My latest piece for Real Views is now live, looking at how attitudes towards sustainability metrics have changed amongst the global investment community. Clean and green energy is clearly becoming increasingly attractive to investors and fund managers as they decarbonise and … Continue reading

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‘Enterprise Agility’ in The Times

New writing… I have a couple of pieces for Raconteur published today in The Times newspaper, looking at Enterprise Agility in general, plus supply chain matters, in particular: • ‘Embrace the unknown with unbounded vision’ – online title ‘Business agility is fundamental to … Continue reading

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The Future in 5 Words… #2 ‘Sociable’

Why Business will be… ‘Sociable’  For the company of tomorrow, as environmental sustainability becomes increasingly commonplace and the language used to describe it sometimes flat and tired, so its underachieving sibling social sustainability will blossom and grow in popularity. This more human-centric … Continue reading

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