Construction: Lessons to be learned

New writing… My latest piece for The Hub – the award-winning content platform curated by Mitsubishi Electric — looks at the lessons that the construction industry can learn from other sectors, Being such a big, hungry and dirty beast, construction stands apart as a sustainability challenge. Taming this beast is a monster ask — and the industry needs all the help it can get, including the input of ideas and innovations drawn from elsewhere. Fresh perspectives and new thinking could perhaps come from some relatively unlikely sources, such as cars, fashion or even food. The point is… construction needs to be open and receptive, plus a quick study — so, please click the link to read the post in full and explore some of the possibilities for Construction: lessons to be learned‘.

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Sustainability: ‘Fashion Economy’ in The Times

New writing… Pleased to say I have had another article published in The Times newspaper, as part of a special Raconteur report on the Fashion Economy.

The piece profiles five pioneering brands employing innovative methods to reuse and recycle everything from textiles, to waste tyres, fire hoses and fishing nets. They are rethinking and remanufacturing the process of creating and crafting how we dress, responsibly. Whether it is upcycling on the catwalk, fully traceable T-shirts, swimwear that helps cut ocean plastic, or footwear and accessories that divert resource from landfill, these trailblazers are embracing the circular economy ethos and restyling sustainability for the 21st century, with transparency and accountability. Cutting waste and fighting pollution never looked so good!

To read the article in full, complete with expert insights and comment, please click the following link:

‘Reuse and recycle: five brands show how it’s done’.

The full 20-page Future of Packaging report is available to view/download here.


SUSTMEME: Get the Susty Story Straight!

Susty Procurement: From Responsible Sourcing to… Star Wars

New writing... Pleased to say I have another piece published in The Times newspaper today, as part of a special report on Future-Proofing Procurement, by Raconteur. It looks at how the business supply chain is increasingly viewed as a value chain, with shared value being as much environmental and social, as it is economic:

‘5 ways to share supply chain value with people and the planet’.

The full 16-page  report is available to view/download here.