India’s Solar Revolution

New writing My latest piece for Eniday is now live, looking at the reasons why solar is hot in India right now and exploring some of the more unusual areas and applications of innovation – from trains and farms, to juicy fruit. With this fast-growth country already having reaffirmed its Paris commitments, the World Economic Forum has confidently been reporting that India might be set for a solar boom and recent events certainly seem to support that view. Follow the link for a fuller examination of the issues, drivers and trends that currently lie behind ‘India’s Solar Revolution’.

Post-Paris and after Brexit: ‘Future of Energy’ in The Times

New writing… Pleased to say I have had another couple of pieces published in The Times newspaper today, as part of a special Raconteur report on the Future of Energy.

The Overview article which opens the report looks at how energy is not only being stripped of carbon emissions post-Paris, but it is also being disrupted by digitisation:

‘Power play is an energy shake-up’.

My second piece on Page 4 reviews how progress on renewable energy has suffered setbacks in the UK, but opportunities ranging from the continent of Africa to the coffee shops of London show green alternatives to coal, oil and gas still offer long-term promise:

‘Fears for UK green targets after Brexit’.

The full 16-page Future of Energy report is available to view/download here.

A New Climate for Sustainable Investment

New writing… My latest piece for Real Views is now live, looking at how attitudes towards sustainability metrics have changed amongst the global investment community.

Clean and green energy is clearly becoming increasingly attractive to investors and fund managers as they decarbonise and derisk their portfolios, from stocks and shares, to assets and acquisitions. As a result, new resilience and responsibility metrics can now be seen influencing corporate clients, as well as real estate deals and development.

This brief ‘listicle’ identifies 5 key drivers behind these recent and ongoing shifts in perception, principle and practice that are impacting markets worldwide and together helping create ‘A new climate for sustainable investment’.

The Power of Industrial Heritage

New writing My latest piece for Eniday is now live, looking at some of the structures and buildings previously associated with energy generation that have latterly become iconic images of a generation past. From Battersea to Seattle and with reuse and redevelopment possibilities ranging from art museums to the new Apple HQ, I explore the ‘The Power of Industrial Heritage’.

Nigeria to New York; catwalk to city

IMG_0684Recent weeks have seen a few more of my journalism and blogging pieces published and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Power and the Promise of the Grand Transition
Summary: Why the Grand Transition to clean and green energy can do more for Nigeria than just mitigate and ameliorate impacts, it can also create and stimulate social and environmental improvements.
Published on: ‘Nigeria Next’ (20 Feb, 2015)

5 Sustainable Statements at NY Fashion Week
Summary: Images of the fashion glitterati mingling in New York with celebrities and music stars might seem a world apart from eco and ethical concerns… But the two worlds are increasingly colliding.
Published on: ‘Let’s Do More’ for Gap Inc (18 Feb, 2015)

Can Twitter Save the City?
Summary: Why the only way to fast-track smart-city intelligence is to propagate an environment of ‘learning by absorption’, primarily seeded via social media.
Published on: ‘Illuminated Minds’, for GE Lighting (20 Jan, 2015)

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