Clean + green, in black + white (Pt II)

2014-07-10 19.06.55 HDR-2Recent months have seen a few more of my journalism pieces published in the press and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Shaping up to the Future
Summary: 3D printing has the potential to shape the future – in factories, on building sites, in schools, hospitals and homes.
Published in: ‘3D Printing’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (11 December)

Taking the Wraps off Innovation
Summary: Packaging plays an essential part in selling, but continues to battle a bad image despite growing demand and ingenious innovation.
Published in: ‘Future of Packaging’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (19 November)

Welcome to the Grand Transition
Summary: The UK may at last be approaching a new age of grand transition as sustainable clean energy moves on to the balance sheet.
Published in: ‘Powering the Future’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (15 October)

Megaprojects Revolution
Summary: It’s the stuff that makes the country work, creates employment and promotes growth; without renewed infrastructure Britain would gradually grind to a halt.
Published in: ‘Project Management’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (11 September)