No Plan B: ‘Supply Chain Strategies’ in The Times

New writing... Pleased to say I have had another article published in The Times newspaper, as part of a special Raconteur report on Supply Chain Strategies.

High street giant Marks & Spencer is leading the charge against abuses in the global supply chain with a long-term commitment to sustainability. With 35,000 different product lines and 32M customers, it is a big task. In this piece I look at the challenges and achievements of pursuing with purpose a strategic and systemic approach over the course of a decade since the launch of its flagship programme Plan A. In particular, the article also discusses the ongoing battle against the criminal elements involved in modern slavery and the need to collaborate widely in a bid to tackle this scourge of the supply chain. You can read the full story here (with no paywall), on:

‘The need for a sustainable global supply chain’.

The full 16-page Supply Chain Strategies report is available to view/download here.

Packaging: 5-a-Day Rant

So… Despite the fact my grapefruit already comes in a biodegradable protective skin all of its own, the supermarket has individually wrapped it in straight-to-landfill plastic for home delivery, complete with unwelcome news that the food has been treated with imzalil/thiabendazole/2-phenylphenol pyrimethanil E202 (potassium sorbate) and wax, as well as a warning that the bag should be kept away from babies and small children to avoid suffocation.

My healthy breakfast suddenly seems a lot less sustainable (never mind the fact it has come all the way from South Africa) – not perhaps my best work as an eco consumer?!

Clean + green, in black + white (Pt II)

2014-07-10 19.06.55 HDR-2Recent months have seen a few more of my journalism pieces published in the press and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

Shaping up to the Future
Summary: 3D printing has the potential to shape the future – in factories, on building sites, in schools, hospitals and homes.
Published in: ‘3D Printing’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (11 December)

Taking the Wraps off Innovation
Summary: Packaging plays an essential part in selling, but continues to battle a bad image despite growing demand and ingenious innovation.
Published in: ‘Future of Packaging’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (19 November)

Welcome to the Grand Transition
Summary: The UK may at last be approaching a new age of grand transition as sustainable clean energy moves on to the balance sheet.
Published in: ‘Powering the Future’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (15 October)

Megaprojects Revolution
Summary: It’s the stuff that makes the country work, creates employment and promotes growth; without renewed infrastructure Britain would gradually grind to a halt.
Published in: ‘Project Management’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (11 September)

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