Collaboration: ‘Suppy Chain Innovation’ in The Times

New writing… Pleased to say I have had another article published in The Times newspaper, as the opening piece to a special Raconteur report on Supply Chain Innovation.

The article discusses how being faster, better and cheaper than the competition requires colleagues, partners and stakeholders across an entire supply chain to work together and collaborate. With supply chain management finally having made its way into the strategic arena of the Board Room, such collaboration is even more crucial to achieving joined-up sustainability goals which call for a more systemic approach. It is also key to attracting and retaining valuable talent in a competitive marketplace. Innovation is not, however, all about the tech. Whilst modern digital kit such as drones and robots might  be grabbing headlines and catapulting supply chain issues on to the front page, the shift is as much cultural as it is technological. Technology is undoubtedly vital, but much of it is behind the scenes and, in the short term, often more likely to take the form of process-oriented software than gadget-laden hardware. When it comes to responsible sourcing and ethical labour, digital innovation is also both an enabler and a potential disruptor, as supply chain visibility is empowering public scrutiny, at the same time as it is supporting transparency in brands and business. By clicking the following link, you can read the full article , which explores, in depth and with insight from a range of expert commentators, exactly how and why:

‘Collaboration is key for supply chain innovation’.

The full 20-page Supply Chain Innovation report is available to view/download here.


SUSTMEME: Get the Susty Story Straight!

Hacked: Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction

10 Pledges to Align Industry Values with Business Ethics & Human Rights 

Manifesto Cover1 Bribery & Corruption; 2 Labour & Workers’ Rights; 3. Sustainable Development; 4. Traceability & Transparency; 5. Health, Safety & Wellbeing; 6. Legality of Materials; 7. Complex/Manufactured Products; 8. Circular Economy; 9. Certification & Accreditation; plus 10. Openness & Communication.

Tuesday 24 Nov saw the launch of the Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction, co-created in one of the first-ever industry applications of a ‘Hackathon’.
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Clean, green + blue, in black + white

2014-07-10 19.06.55 HDR-2Recent months have seen a number of my journalism pieces published in the press and I have provided a brief menu of articles below, covering topics from water and energy, carbon, construction and the circular economy, to ethical sourcing and supply chains, with links to original copy (please scroll down to view all).

Stop Water Going down the Drain
Summary: The water industry is facing a near-perfect storm of rising demand and supply under severe pressure.
Published in: ‘Asset Management & Maintenance’ Special Report in ‘The Times (7 May)

Are Oil and Gas Reserves an Economic Curse or Cure?
Summary: When governments and other national stakeholders take control of oil and gas reserves, there can be disadvantages as well as the seemingly obvious advantages.
Published in: ‘Oil & Gas Outlook’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (8 May)

Time for a Fracking Charm Offensive?
Summary: It has split public opinion and tempers are still rising. Fracking for shale gas is a contentious issue, but supporters claim it holds huge potential benefits for the UK economy.Published in: ‘Oil & Gas Outlook’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (8 May)

Sweatshops Show Need for Transparency
Summary: Controversy over child labour in Asian sweatshops producing cheap clothing for the UK market has highlighted the need for greater control over supply chains. (Article entitled ‘From High Street to Hollywood’ in print edition.)
Published in: ‘Future of Retail’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (24 June)

Supply Chain Delivers Retail Revolution
Summary: A shake-up in retail logistics, driven by internet sales and deliveries, is turning buying and selling upside down. (Article entitled ‘Revolution with Fries and a Shake’ in Print Edition.)
Published in: ‘Future of Retail’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (24 June)

The Future Is Unbuilt
Summary: Construction may be booming, but the industry must rebuild itself to face a challenging future.
Published in: ‘Future of Construction’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (25 June)

Straight Talking on the Circular Economy
Summary: Construction and demolition, the largest producers of waste in the UK, may only be paying lip service to green initiatives.
Published in: ‘Future of Construction’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (25 June)

Shrink Carbon Footprint, Grow Profits
Summary: Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet. (Article entitled ‘Carbon Counts, So Do the Maths’ in print edition.)
Published in: ‘Low Carbon Business’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (22 July)

6 New Technologies Cutting Carbon Footprint
Summary: Snapshot showcase of 6 innovations designed to help reduce energy consumption and emissions.
Published in: ‘Low Carbon Business’ Special Report in ‘The Times’ (22 July)




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