ESG ups the stakes for supply-chain risk and reward

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New writing… In his latest published article, Jim McClelland looks at the rising influence of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, as part of a custom report into Establishing Ethical Supply Chain Strategies. The deep-dive report has been produced by business content publisher Raconteur for risk-management software solutions experts Avetta.

With ESG driving investment worldwide, the risk to reputation Managing the risks of a supply-chain scandal is high; but, so too is the reward for responsible sourcing. As the opening article in the report, this feature-length piece explores the impact potential on supply chains of ethical issues, with positive and negative.

Managing the risks is no easy matter. Supply-chain complexity has become so labyrinthine that a gemstone, for example, can change hands 40 times between the mine and the jeweller. Yet, regulators and consumers still dump responsibility for traceability onto manufacturing and retail businesses.

The article therefore investigates how can transparency be integrated more effectively, particularly below tier one. It also flags some of the possible pitfalls that businesses might encounter as they seek to embed sustainability in supply-chain processes and practices.

The full published feature article — which includes insights from sectors as diverse as schoolwear, gemstones and jewellery, plus examines the benefits of a range of available solutions and tools, from data-sharing platforms, to traceability and tracking via intelligent labels — is free to access and explores how ESG raises the stakes for supply chain risk and reward.

The full report into Establishing Ethical Supply Chain Strategies is available to view here.

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