Volatility is bad for People, Profit and the Planet

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New writing… This latest opinion piece explores why extreme market volatility is not only bad for both Profit and People, but could also prove much worse for the Planet. It was authored by Jim McClelland for The Hub — the award-winning content platform curated by Mitsubishi Electric.

Whilst entrepreneurial types might thrive on disruption, most businesses and individuals value economic stability and financial security. At present, however, the wrong kinds of records are being broken monthly, weekly, even daily — as we swim against wave after wave of the highest inflation, lowest growth, steepest rise and sharpest fall.

So, what, if anything, can we learn from these traumatic events?

The lessons are obviously different for different companies and individuals — some are harsh, even brutal — and no two situations, or sets of circumstances, are quite the same.

There are, though, some common principles to extrapolate and values to share. Plus, in terms of the triple-bottom-line of sustainability, shifting our thinking from Profit and People to the Planet provides us with other learnings, too.

In Nature, of course, change is constant — habitats and species evolve over time. However, this is not the same as the volatility in finance and economics. Distinctions must be made.

Whilst some companies and brands might go under, in general, markets, stocks and shares can often recover their losses, quickly and sometimes completely.

The same, sadly, cannot be said for natural capital.

So, to read more about the true cost of living unsustainably, click the link below to check out the article in full, free to access on The Hub:

Volatility is bad for People, Profit and the Planet.

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