From farming and energy, to future cities

More of my journalism and blogging pieces have been published in the last few months and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

GM-crops-760x428Fields of Thought and the Seeds of Time: GM Debate Reaches Deadlock

Opinion on genetically modified foods remains divided, but can such agricultural technology help to avoid widespread and imminent famine?
Published in: ‘Future of Agriculture & Farming’ Special Report, ‘The Times’‘  (29 Jul, 2015)

Top 5 Tech Innovations in AgricultureAg-tech-innovation-760x428

Advances in technology are key to the future of agriculture as farmers strive to feed the world with limited natural resources.
Published in: ‘Future of Agriculture & Farming’ Special Report, ‘The Times’‘  (29 Jul, 2015)

Energy-for-a-new-generation-760x428Next-Generation Energy: It’s Time for the Grand Transition

Summary: With the UK under pressure to plug a looming energy gap and at the same time meet targets for clean renewable energy, power may be shifting to a new generation of consumers
Published in: ‘Powering the Future’ Special Report, ‘The Times’ (30 Jun, 2015)

songdo-360x203The Future of Smart Cities

Summary: Future smart cities are unlikely to look that much different, but they are destined to interact differently with their human inhabitants.

Published in: ‘Internet of Things’ Special Report, ‘The Sunday Times’ (28 Jun, 2015)

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