Trillion-$ packaging, to rockin’ megaprojects + ocean clean-up

More of my journalism and blogging pieces have been published in the last few months and I have provided a brief update menu of articles below, with links to original copy.

The-circle-of-packaging-life-760x428Packaging a Trillion-Dollar Circle of Life

The packaging industry is moving into a circular economy of materials rotating in a sustainable loop of smart design, carbon-efficient manufacture, reuse and recycle.

Published in: ‘Future of Packaging’ Special Report, ‘The Times’‘  (30 Sep, 2015)

Olympic_park-760x428We’re Rockin’ All Over the World

Summary: With a grand heritage of Victorian engineering excellence, the UK leads the world in delivering modern-day megaprojects in a radical new way (includes case study for Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay).

Published in: ‘Project Management’ Special Report, ‘The Times’ (2 Aug, 2015)

Boyan_Slat-760x428The Great Ocean Clean-Up Project

Summary: Clearing plastic polluting the oceans is a problem of massive proportions requiring a professional project management approach – this piece looks at a current initiative exciting interest worldwide, spearheaded by teenage entrepreneur Boyan Slat.

Published in: ‘Project Management’ Special Report, ‘The Times’ (2 Aug, 2015)