Sustainability: Say the Words!

‘Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good’ 


There can be a nervousness amongst brands and organisations only just emerging into the eco and ethical arena, wary of communicating sustainability credentials and policies for fear of laser-like scrutiny of their entire operation (parts of which may well yet be ‘works in progress’).

Fear not… Often this perceived risk can be managed and a balanced profile presented that adequately explains both where you are currently on the journey and where you want to be.

In short: ‘Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’.

The Mainstreaming Reality/Lesson 

When it comes to ‘mainstreaming’, it is of course likely that big-name engagement and entry into a sector will help drive cost-competitiveness, especially in retail. However, there have also been some cruel business cases of pioneering early-adopters being squeezed off the shelf by less-sustainable copycat products with bigger marketing budgets and public visibility, undercutting on price.

The reality/lesson is that sustainability as a product/service differentiator needs communicating and defending just as aggressively as any other traditional attribute in a competitive marketplace.

Sustainability: Say the words!