VCs back vegan biomaterials in luxury textiles

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Vegan innovation has seen a biomaterials startup in the luxury textiles industry win backing from leaders in venture capital (VC) for its sustainable, plant-based alternative to animal-derived and plastic fabrics.

Based in New York and Paris, BioFluff successfully closed its seed-funding round, securing $2.5M from prominent VC firms led by Astanor Ventures, a global name in agrifood tech impact investing.

This funding follows a pre-seed round of $0.5M in 2022, led by SOSV, PDS Limited and Joyance Partners.

Plant-based alternatives to fur and fleece

BioFluff also launched its luxury materials brand Savian, which seeks to set new standards in sustainability and is already attracting the attention of leading luxury apparel brands and designers.

Savian is a groundbreaking collection of fur-, shearling-, and fleece-like fabrics crafted from natural plant fibres, developed using proprietary technologies.

The vegan collection from Savian is also 100% free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), incorporating natural and mineral-based dyes to offer a diverse range of materials.

System has five specific tech characteristics

BioFluff develops plant-based alternatives to animal-derived and plastic-based fabrics.

The company was founded in 2022 by biochemist Martin Stübler, experienced textile executive Steven Usdan, and computer scientist turned fashion-tech entrepreneur Roni GamZon.

The backing of the investment community is a big boost, says BioFluff CEO Martin Stübler:

“At the close of this seed round with best-in-class impact investors, we are poised to scale our unique approach to reducing reliance on animal and synthetic-derived products in the textile industry. This investment will accelerate our mission to provide brands with better materials for a cleaner future.”

These sustainability values resonated with funders, adds Christina Ulardic, Partner at Astanor Ventures:

“We were impressed by the passion and determination of the founding team. BioFluff has a unique offering for the luxury industry, fashion and textiles, in full alignment with the Astanor mission of a more regenerative economy.”

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